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My name is Larry Campbell, and this site functions as the headquarters – or central hub – for the variety of post-retirement adventures in which I currently find myself engaged.  Feel free to look around as you wish.

There are always a variety of these adventures in progress.  Most recently, in SUMMER 2016, the central adventure was my MISSOURI RIVER ROAD TRIP.  Read more about that trip on the Rollin’ On The River menu tab above.

Now at I am back, my immediate pressing project is to write the book related to those adventures and get it into print.  This work will continue well into 2017.   For more details on that, and on the Weekly Photo/Sharings, see below.

And if you have questions or comments, please contact me. (Go to CONTACT page in menu, or use any other method.)

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Update – Missouri River Road Trip

As you are probably aware, I spent roughly 7 weeks this summer exploring the Missouri River from its official source in Three Falls, Montana all the way down to its confluence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis, MO.  I left Branson, MO on July 22 and finally returned on September 10.  It was an incredible trip with tons of adventures and memories.  As we enter 2017, I have finished a full Fall of recording these experiences for my book on the adventure, and work on that, along with accompanying publicity will continue throughout much of this year, if not longer.  The book’s working title is Rollin’ On The River: Sights and Stories Along the Missouri River, and early projections for the book’s publication are May, 2017.  This is not final, of course, and I will keep you posted.  (If you wish to keep up with this progress, feel free to sign up for the free Weekly Photo/Sharings e-mails, using the form at the right.

If you wish to see (or review) some of the details and logistics of the trip, you may visit the pull-down tab Rollin’ On The River! at the top of this page.

This trip was an amazing adventure, and I look forward to continuing to share details with those who may be interested.

AME Events & Changes, Early 2017

This writing & publication process for the Rollin’ On The River adventures will continue to yield some changes to the regular Weekly Photo/Sharing schedules as we enter the new year.  Until further notice, the Weekly Photo/Sharings will continue to arrive on the first & third (& fifth) Mondays.  Further updates on the Sharings, as well as updated information on the book and other news will be shared in regular and special mailings, as well as here on the website.  I invite you to stay tuned, as there will be lots of opportunities to join the fun!