Dr. Larry CampbellYou have reached the home of Larry Campbell’s Aftermath Enterprises. We’re glad you’re here. As you can deduce, this website will be the home/hub and/or umbrella website for all the activities in which I’m becoming involved since my retirement from the official classroom.

The site is finished and operational, but I’m always finding little ‘typos’ and/or things that need to be updated.  If you find one, do not hesitate to let me know about it!!

There will be several areas of this website, as it grows, I think. Briefly, some of these already include:

  1. A list and descriptions of workshops and professional development activites I still do (under HorizonQuest Educational Services).
  2. More information on my photography hobby and service, under the name of Ozarks Scenes and Seasons. As many of you know, these are not just photos from the Ozarks. There are shots from my/our national & international travel as well! There may eventually also be a Gallery you can stroll through (there already is on the OSS site), should you choose.
  3. A connection to my new Weekly Sharings of and on a variety of topics (see below), with connections to my blog site as well.

Speaking of Weekly Sharings: One new area which I’m starting and enjoying and which I hope you’ll enjoy is my collection of (absolutely free!) Weekly Sharings. Each week (usually on Monday) there will be a new sharing on a different topic, some serious, some less so. These topics will cycle each month, as follows: For more details information, return to the home page and scroll to the bottom, or click on the Weekly Sharings tab.

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