More Adventures and Information from “Rollin’ Down the River”

This is a supplement page for readers of Rollin’ Down the River, and is intended to provide links to more information and pictures related to adventures which weren’t able to make it into the book. This page is being prepared and updated almost constantly, especially in the Summer/Fall of 2017.  Do not hesitate to check back often. 

Information related to Three Forks, Montana

For assorted scenes of Three Forks itself see ThreeForksScenes.

For pictures of the Headwaters State Park and the official source of the River, see OfficialSource.

For more shots of Hell Roaring Creek and the real headwaters, visit HellRoaringCreek.

To see more shots of the author and his float on the Jefferson River, visit JeffersonRiverFloat

Information related to Helena, Montana

For more shots (inside and out) of the Montana State Capitol, see StateCapitol.

You can find a few more shots of the Cathedral here:  StHelenaCathedral.

Many more shots of the Gates of Mountains Tour, a beautiful stretch of the River:  GatesMountains.

Information related to Great Falls, Montana

For several more shots of the Falls and Dams in Great Falls, see Falls&Dams

Miscellaneous scenes of Great Falls:  GreatFallsScenes

Information related to Fort Benton, Montana

To see more scenes of Ft. Benton, visit FtBentonScenes

Various sunrise shots on the River:  RiverSunrise

Information related to Fort Peck/Wolf Point, Montana

For a general overview of the area, town, lake/dam, and Interpretive Center, see FortPeckArea

Information related to Williston, North Dakota

Information related to Bismarck, North Dakota

The State Capitol is not your ‘normal’ Capitol –  visit ND.StateCapitol

For more info about Gen. George Custer’s home fort, see FortAbrahamLincoln

More pictures of the Art Alley project:  ArtAlley

Information related to Mobridge, South Dakota

Information related to Pierre/Fort Pierre, South Dakota

Information related to Chamberlain, South Dakota

Information related to Wagner/Fairfax, South Dakota

Information related to Sioux City, Iowa

Information related to Council Bluffs, IA & Des Moines, NE

Information related to St. Joseph, Missouri

Information related to Atchison, Kansas

Information related to Kansas City/Riverside, MO

Information related to Boonville, MO

Information related to Jefferson City, MO

Information related to Hermann, MO

Information related to Washington, MO

Information related to the Missouri/Mississippi Confluence

Information related to the PEOPLE STORIES in Section 3

Information on travels between the cities


Carnival’s In Town!

I was traveling east on Hwy 94, out of Jefferson City, MO, on my way to Hermann.  This is a part of Missouri where the famous Katy Trail also follows the River, and having biked on the Trail more than once, I was enjoying seeing old towns and trailheads we had visited in years past. 

I pulled in to Mokane, MO, to visit the trailhead – and hopefully to make a pit stop – and encountered what was either the near beginning, or recent end of a carnival.  Either that, or it was a scene from The Twilight Zone.   There was no indication of activity, current, past or pending, actually, but the trucks and gear were all present.  The feeling was somewhere between exciting and spooky.  

I never determined the circumstances, but it brought back fun memories, nonetheless!  For some pictures, see MokaneCarnival.

Recap – Atchison, KS


Atchison, KS  Named for David R Atchison, co-founder, and US Senator from Missouri (!).  Lewis and Clark celebrated their first 4th of July (west of Mississippi) here.  It’s the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, and Jess Stone, member of 4 music Hall of Fames, and writer of “Shake Rattle and Roll”.  It has the only airport in the world named for one woman (only).   It’s the ‘most haunted town in Kansas’ (the stories I heard!).  It’s the closest spot to Colorado in what we now know as Kansas, making it an ideal place for a new ‘headed west’ settlement.   Which is a perfect segue to my SURPRISE OF THE TRIP!!  It appears almost certain that my great great grandfather was one of the 13 original founders of Atchison!!  Wow.  I doubt that anyone else is too interested, but if so, here are the details of the discovery (as well as other Atchison historical tidbits):  EH.Norton  There’s SO much I could share about my Atchison, visit, but for now, I’ll limit myself to these three items:

Birthplace of Amelia Earhart  She was born in her grandparents’ home, now a beautiful museum.  See EABM.

Amelia’s Sister Plane (named for her sister) Comes to Atchison!  The ONLY one exactly like Amelia’s in the world!  It is now in Atchison (as of about 2 weeks ago), has created quite a buzz, and I was allowed to see it (with wings back on) before they’re ready to open it for public showing!  See Muriel! and read details of its uniqueness.

The Bridge Lighting!  You’ve seen the picture above (maybe 2 or 3 times now).  See details, and some more pictures (including other views and other colors) here:  AtchBridgeNite

Rollin’ Down the River: Special Opportunity!


Now Scheduled for Release in Mid-June

I may have officially taken my Missouri River Road trip by myself last summer, but I’ve always felt like I had lots of people with me, whether they were blog readers or family/friends who were with me in spirit and support [or both!].  When the book comes out in May, it will be partially dedicated to all these ‘fellow travelers’ (including most of you)!  But I’d like to find a way to more publicly acknowledge my friends and supporters – old and new-  hence this Special Offer!!

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The Missouri River – Atchison, KS