For Those Who Know Me

So, Campbell –

What are you going to do (what are you doing?) in retirement?

They’re questions I’ve been asked a lot – especially since I actually ‘retired’.   I’ve discovered I can’t articulate a nice neat answer.  I only have lots of little (and usually different) semi-answers that don’t paint a big picture.  This may not satisfy the listener, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve long known there were several things I wanted to do – and I’m manifesting some of them – but the list keeps growing!

I’ve got lots of things still to “do”, but lots of things are reaching out and grabbing my by the throat, wanting to be explored as well.  Some of them have nothing to do with this website (yet):  hiking, traveling, exploring more branches of the family tree, making progress on that unicycle (!), learning the saxophone (which may have the same fate as the unicycle!), continuing to occasionally feed my new book collecting money pit, er, hobby, and a few more in the same vein.  🙂

But I also think that many of the ‘bigger’ things I want to do – or continue – can be navigated, coordinated, and even shared by & through this website.  I’m hoping this site will also help ME better define some of those things (especially the writing and thought-sharing) in terms of WHAT I want to do with them and how much time I want to spend on them.  And I believe this will also be the vehicle to explore the same questions with my photography habit.

In those cases, this site is yet another partial answer to the question above –  both for me, and for others.  AND I hope it will be the the jumping off point for “real” retirement, i.e. the REAL AfterMath!

I’m just getting started, so be patient.  Likewise, I’m open for any comments, suggestions, and other input.

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