Top Ten President Trump First Term Accomplishments

  1. Convinces the Department of the Interior to declare his hair a native wildlife habitat.
  1. Declares that since she is just so bubbly and social, Sarah Palin would be the Secretary of the new Department of Twitter.
  1. While updating his Facebook status, he unfriends the countries of Mexico, China, and North Korea.
  1. Has a large TRUMP neon sign installed atop the White House.
  1. Commissions Ted Nugent to scour Webster’s Dictionary to find additional crude, vulgar words that can be used to describe women that threaten bros like Donald and Ted.
  1. Due to a downturn in the economy is only able to build a wall around Megan Kelly.

4. Citing security concerns, has Ted Cruz deported to his homeland of Canada. Canada immediately declares war on the U. S.

  1. Signs a contract with SteamMasters to have them coordinate the carpet bombing program.
  1. Vows to cooperate with Congress because he loves the poorly educated.
  1. Instead of deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, he has them housed (8 to a room) in his unused hotel rooms. Gives them the “Friends of Trump” room rate.


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