HorizonQuest Speaking & Educational Services

1.  Biographical Information

IMG_1237_edited-1Dr. Campbell spent almost all of his professional career working in higher education in the fields of mathematics and mathematics education.  During those 35 years he worked with students, future teachers, mathematics educators and administrators in a wide variety of capacities.  He was Co-Director of the Missouri Mathematics Secondary & Middle Grades Leadership Academies (funded by US Dept of Education through MO DESE) working with Middle and Secondary mathematics teachers throughout the state. He was also Co-Director of a similar Missouri Elementary Mathematics Leadership Academy.  He is a Past President of the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics, among others, and has worked with numerous school districts throughout Missouri and the Midwest, and has been a speaker and workshop leader at dozens of state, regional, and national conferences. Most recently, he helped organize and spearhead work in Missouri that ended with a new add-on Missouri teaching certification for Elementary Mathematics Specialists, and is actively involved with a statewide 5-university collaborative that is preparing the first cohort of these Specialists.

Dr. Campbell won numerous teaching awards at the college, university, and state-wide levels.  He believes that good, authentic (and even fun!) problem-solving and classroom environments can be an important key to helping students learn, understand, and make sense of the mathematics around them, and prepare them to use mathematics to solve the various daily problems of their adult lives.  Dr. Campbell is still involved in professional development activities, and is available for a variety of topics, workshops, and longer-range work with teachers and school districts.

2.  Services Offered

Speaking Engagements

Need an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker for a civic club, PTA, or related event? A multitude of topics and talks can be arranged, of varying lengths, as tailored to the group and the interests. Civic talks are usually free of charge. Sample topics:

    • Interesting (and Weird) Mathematicians and Stories about Them
    • Ozarks Scenes and Seasons (slide show)
    • Photos from Around the USA and the World (slide show)
    • Aunt Edna’s Wisdom (humorous talk of real quotes)
    • It Could Be Verse (humorous collection of light verses)
    • Others . . .


    • Math Is Not a Four-Letter Word
    • Helping Your Child with Mathematics
    • “Someone Told Me The Answer!” – Are Our Students Really Afraid to Think?
    • Calculators: Good or Evil?
    • Common Core: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?
    • Silver Bullets for Education?
    • Others . . .

Professional Development

A variety of General (and Mathematical) Talks, Workshops, and other Professional Development opportunities are available. These can be tailored to school’s needs and budget. Events can be at aimed at various levels (K-12) and while mathematics is often the topic, more general school-wide sessions can be easily arranged. Work can be designed to be a short, one-day visit or spread, spread over two days (perhaps with other speakers), and/or repeated ongoing visits over a semester or school year. All topics can be tailored to align with Common Core concepts. Sample (of many) topics:

  • An Educational “Whack on the Side of the Head”
  • With variations for Math in general, Algebra, and others
  • “Someone Told Me The Answer!” – Are Our Students Really Afraid to Think?
  • Problem Solving for Fun and Profit
  • Interesting (and Weird) Mathematicians and Stories about Them
  • Math Is Not a Four-Letter Word
  • Using Calculators and Other Technology – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.
  • “What Do We Want Our Students To Know?” – A Look at Evaluation/Assessment

Tutoring & Enrichment Services

Do you have or know a student (at any level) who needs tutoring or wants to be enriched, please contact us. We have access to top-notch classroom teachers and tutors who can work with your student.

  • Review and tutoring for all grade levels – mostly math, but other topics available.
  • Enrichment services for all grade levels
  • Individual and group sessions available.
  • Work can be during the school year – or through the summer.
  • All services, as well as teachers/tutors – and rates – tailored to individual needs.