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(Visit my photography website Ozarks Scenes and Seasons )

Photography has been a hobby of mine for years.  I do not consider myself a professional, nor, I suspect, will I ever.  But I’m having fun, and I have TONS of pictures from all over the world (including the Ozarks, of course!) – and folks tell me they love them.   So I’m having fun – and that’s the name of the game, right?

My photographs fall into essentially three categories:

* Ozarks Scenes and Seasons – Photos from this incredible (and unique!) area of the country.

* From Maine To Alaska – Photos from all over the country (and across both borders).

*  Across the Pond – Years of being on incredible Mary Kay trips (thanks, Pat!) have produced an incredible number of pictures from some of the most interesting and beautiful places on the planet.  I have more shots here, actually, than either of the other two categories (maybe even combined!)

On a limited basis I offer a variety of photographic products in a variety of ways:

1.  For a long time, my ‘speciality’ was collections of beautiful blank note cards, of two types (4 x 6 cards with photo glued on and 5 x 7 cards with photo as part of the card).  Since folks don’t write notes as much these days, this segment isn’t as active anymore, but the cards are still available.  Contact me for more information.

2.  Prints of all sizes and all formats are available – both through the website (see below) and directly from/through me.

3.  A variety of products (calendars, etc) incorporating various photos.

4.  All of the above and more, will often be offered at Special Prices through my Weekly Sharings (sign up in the Sidebar at the right, or contact me here).  These are optional, of course, but it’s another way to secure any photo you might like.

For any overview of all these, as well as more background, feel free to visit my photography website Ozarks Scenes and Seasons

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