Celebrating π – Trivia Quiz

(NOTE: One of these is SO trivial, I don’t even know the answer – which one?)

  1. Which letter of the Greek alphabet is π?
  2. Which of the following is NOT true?

a.  There is a movie named PI

b.  There is a German car named PI

c.  There is a perfume/cologne named PI

  1. T or F?  The Bible uses a value of 3 for π
  2. How many digits of π are currently known?
  3. What’s the record for most memorized places of PI?
  4. Which US city has the Zip Code 31415? (Hint: See today’s PHOTO)
  5. Who has the phone number 314-159-2653?
  6. What’s the neatest football cheer involving PI?
  7. What famous formula uses not only PI, but 4 other important constants as well?(Some people say the five most important constants in math . . .all in the same formula!)