Guest Voice – January 4, 2016

You will perhaps remember Rita Herrmann from her first appearance as a Guest Voice back on June 29, 2015*.  Rita was tentatively scheduled to be our Guest Voice in February – until just last week!  January 1, to be exact.  Then I read her latest blog which appeared that day.  It seemed so timely (in two ways!) that I’ve asked if we can share it today, and she agreed.**

Not only is the piece timely, but it has a poignant ending – you’ll want to read it!  See the piece, and more about Rita here:  A New Year’s Resolution.


*To read Rita’s June 29 Voice, see A Few Minutes More.

** January’s original Guest Voice, Kate Elliott, also a repeat Voice, will now appear on Feb 1.


 To see all the Guest Voices from 2015, see PreviousGVs.

Consider submitting a Guest Voice of your own.  Visit GVThoughts and go for it!

Guest Voice – November 2, 2015

Thoughts on Going Home for the 45th Reunion

I’ve known Joe Roberts for over 60 years.  From about 3rd grade, he was part of a group of 4 young boys that lived within 2 or 3 blocks of each other, often played together, and advanced into high school as classmates together.  After leaving our home town, he eventually ended up ‘back East’ with a successful career in law, and we didn’t often get to see him, except for Reunions.

Joe always had a way with words, and after our 45th high school reunion (we’ve since had our 50th – ouch!), Joe wrote a piece about his experiences ‘returning home’ for our old local hometown newspaper.  Many of us liked it then, and I’ve recently found myself thinking of it again.  I asked Joe if I could share it for today’s Guest Voice, and he agreed.

He and I talked briefly about possibly making it more general, and removing some of the specific local references.  But the more I re-read it, the more I realized that it is exactly the specificity that contributes to the generality!  It isn’t so much about the Reunion as it is about returning home.  Substitute your own town for “Liberty”, your own reference points for those mentioned here, (and even your own reason for returning instead of a Reunion?), and most of us have experienced precisely the same things.  The universality remains, and Joe has captured it well.

So, I have left almost everything as he wrote it, and I think it makes it even stronger.  I give you Joe’s thoughts on returning home for our 45th Reunion.  I suspect you’ll like it as much as I did.  See 45thReunion.

Guest Voice – October 5, 2015

SONY HOCKLANDER is the Engagements Editor for the Springfield News-Leader.  I have worked with her for quite a while on the columns I write for the News-Leader, and she was a guest on my AfterMath Adventures radio show on Aug 30, 2015.

While visiting with her about the upcoming interview, I learned of two stories she wrote for the paper about her father, who was killed in Vietnam when she was 9 years old.  I had seen the latest one in July, 2015, but had missed the first one, written back in 2003.  This first one (2003) is longer, but so well written – and very touching. I asked Sony if I could use both the related pieces for this month’s Guest Voice, and she said yes.  Give yourself a few minutes and read these!  You will be glad you did.

For the first piece (“Your Daddy Won’t Be Coming Home”), visit SonyHocklander1.

To see the July ’15 story about finding her father’s name on the Traveling Memorial Vietnam Wall, which visited Springfield in July, see SonyHocklander2.

To hear Sony’s interview on AfterMath Adventures, visit Sony3.Interview .

Guest Voice – September 7, 2015

During our overseas trip in May, I received an e-mail from a Deborah Stacey from British Columbia, Canada.  A Google Alert search had connected her with one of my News-Leader columns (Riding Bikes and Teaching Math), and she had written to comment and to share.

It turns out that Deborah has created a website called Horse Lover’s Math, and the more she and I visited, the more interested I became. I asked her to share more about this, and this is now manifesting in two ways:  1)  Her Guest Voice piece Following Your Passionexplores this development in a general way. Click below.   2)  She will be this Sunday’s guest on the AfterMath Adventures radio show to explore this topic further.

Read Deborah’s piece – and learn more about her website – at Following Your Passion.  You do NOT need to be a ‘math type’ or a horse lover to enjoy her thoughts.  🙂


Guest Voice – August 31, 2015

Anita Grogan Dixon is one of only two people on the planet*  who has survived working – at one time or the other – for both my wife Pat, and for me, in our various businesses.  🙂  We have known her since her arrival at (then) S of O in 1984.   Later, she earned her Master’s Degree in mathematics from (then) University of Missouri at Rolla.

After finishing her education – in a brilliant decision for both of them -she ended up marrying my good friend and colleague, Dr. Al Dixon at C of O. Not long after that, she took over as manager for the then-new Branson Branch of the Educational Community Credit Union, where she has been since.

At C of O, she was perhaps one of the 2 or 3 best math students we ever had, but she was/is also exceedingly gifted in writing.  That will be apparent in her GUEST VOICE piece today. I asked her if she would consider writing a Guest Voice piece, and I am impressed with – but not one bit surprised at – what she submitted!  I think you will be, too!  See A Little Bird Misses the Forest for the Trees.  You’ll like it.

*Subscriber Diane Staggs is the other.  🙂