Photo of the Week – Feb 19, 2018

Durango-Silverton Railroad – Autumn in Colorado

The Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad passes through some beautiful Colorado scenery.  A marvelous trip!!  Picture is taken in Fall ’15 on a special ‘photographer’s train’, where we were allowed to disembark several times for photo opportunities! For more scenes of this trip, the train, and the spectacular scenery, visit DSNGRR.15

From the Maine to Alaska Collection.

Photo of the Week – Feb 5, 2018

Hagia Sophia Cathedral/Mosque/Museum – Istanbul, Turkey

Recently saw a fascinating PBS program on this incredible structure, and was reminded of our visit to Istanbul in May 2012, when this was taken.  Originally constructed as a Greek Orthodox basilica under Byzantine emperor Justinian I in 537 AD.  In 1453, Constantinople (previous name) was conquered by the Ottoman Empire under Mehmed the Conqueror, who ordered this main church of Orthodox Christianity converted into a mosque, and it remained as such until 1931.  It is now a museum.  Its design and construction – featuring the massive dome – continue to be marvels of engineering, having survived several earthquakes.

For some other shots of this building, and the nearby – and equally famous – Blue Mosque, as well as some of Istanbul in general, see IstanbulOverview.  To see some shots of the interior of both buildings, see MosqueTours.

From the Across the Pond Collection

Photo of the Week – Jan 22, 2018

Missouri River Near Great Falls, Montana

I love this stretch of the River, where it is still young, wild, and flowing through beautiful country!  The shot was taken in early August, 2016, on the approach down to Carter Ferry, between Great Falls and Ft. Benton, MT.  The ferry is one of three remaining free ferries on the River, and I was able to visit two of them.  (For a couple of shots of the Ferry itself, as well as some information, see CarterFerry)

From the Rollin’ Down the River Collection

Photo of the Week – Jan 8, 2108


The first full moon of 2018 (a ‘super moon’ at that!) rises over some still decorated trees near our neighborhood!  To me, it just seemed like a festive and joyous way to begin 2018!!

May this be a joyful and prosperous year for all of you!!