Photo of the Week – Oct 2, 2017

Missouri River at Ft. Benton, MT

The River is deceptively shallow in this stretch. I saw a deer bound all the way across one morning – never even got up to its ‘knees’ !   Taken on Aug 9, 2017. (Am I the only one who thinks the three small clouds above yonder peak look like smoke signals?)

For a few more shots from different angles on this beautiful day, see FtBentonRiver2.

From the Rollin’ Down the River Collection

Photo of the Week – Sep 18, 2017

Early Missouri River Beauty

Similar shots were probably posted last year – and are in the book, as well.  This one was taken this past August 10 on my first Return Trip (and Pat was urging me to ‘stop and take this shot’! 🙂  I loved seeing the River again through her eyes! ). Location is between Three Forks and Helena, MT.  Enjoy a couple of other views of this stretch of River, as well.

From the Rollin’ Down the River Collection


Photo of the Week – July 17, 2017

The Missouri River in Atchison, Kansas

Taken on Aug 29, 2016.  This is here to commemorate that on July 26, 2017, less than a year later, I will begin my “River Rollin’ Rerun” Trip/Tour with a presentation and book signing in Atchison.

From the Rollin’ Down the River collection.

Photo of the Week – July 3, 2017

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

You can see where it gets its name! (That is the Big Sioux River.) Imagine having a park like this in the middle of your city.  Taken on July 23, 2016, while headed ‘out West’ to begin my River Adventure.  For more pictures of this park, see Sioux Falls 2.

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