Thought for the Week – January 5, 2015

During the 12 to 16 years or more it takes our students to navigate our educational system – to become what we call ‘educated’ – lots of interesting things happen to them, and they obviously learn a lot.   I wonder if all of what they learn is intentional.

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Thought for the Week – Nov 3, 2014

How ironic!!  In a school system, the one person with the most influence and knowledge about what happens in the classroom and how/when to best effect genuine learning, is – tragically – often the person who has the least real power over important system-wide decisions!

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Educational Thought for the Week – Oct 6, 2014

Since the rapid expansion of our country during our frontier days, we have become, in terms of education, a strong ‘local control’ nation– and we are fiercely proud of it.  No one knows better– so the argument goes – what is best for our kids than our local school boards.  Like so many other things, this has its pros and cons.

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Thought for the Week – Sept. 1, 2014

Over a century ago, industry learned the value of centralizing, specializing, and standardizing.  Soon, education began to centralize, specialize, and standardize, as well.  I’ve begun to call this getting hit between the IZE, and while some of this is good, to be sure, I’m not sure the results have been uniformly positive.

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