Wild Cards! – Oct 2, 2017

Apparently, the Krazy Pic Theme today is water-slides:

Krazy Pic 1  Dog wants to join fun.  Dog wishes he hadn’t.  Dog sets distance record.

Krazy Pic 2  Things started bad for this guy, and went south from there.   No water-slides were hurt in the filming of this incident. [There is NO truth to the rumor this is me, though I can see why one might think that]. 

Blast from the Past #1  Remember Aunt Edna?!?  Here’s the nugget of wisdom she had for us in June ’15

Blast from the Past #2  Remember It Could Be Verse?!?  Here’s one of my favorites, posted in April ’16.

Stop the Presses!  Just sent to me this weekend, and it’s hilarious, so I’m throwing it it:  God’s Plan for Aging.    (Thanks to brother-in-law Carl Garrett.)

October Birthdays  Here is our list of known subscriber birthdays for October.  Please let us know if you should be on this list.  

Back to the Future  How do we prepare our students to learn the skills they need for their future professions, and still allow them to make the necessary mistakes that allow them to learn those skills in the process?  Some follow up thoughts to the last blog.  Today’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.

Wild Cards! Sep 18, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  I can’t even imagine the practice this took!  I note there appears to be a woman in the background – I had assumed he was single, which is what I’d be if I tried this!!  🙂 

Krazy Pic 2  I can’t begin to explain this!  Nor do I want to try!  🙂 But I love the way she tries to suppress a smile and move forward!! 

Cartoon 1 I so enjoyed revisiting FoxTrot last week that I’m posting another one.  Here’s a nice new twist on William Tell!

Cartoon 2 OK, I can’t stop.  One more.  One of my all-time favorite ‘math test’ cartoons from FoxTrot.  

This Day in History    On Sep 18, 1793, George Washington laid the cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol Building.   This and more occurred on Sep 18.      

Searching for Right Answers  An interesting experience in a high school class started a career-long conundrum surrounding the relative importance of ‘right answers’ in the learning environment.  These thoughts appear this morning.

Thought for the Week

There is no way you can use the word “reality” without quotation marks around it.

Joseph Campbell

Wild Cards! – Sep 4, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  In honor of our son’s recent 40th BD (and his surviving until then!), here’s another one of the feats he would have tried!  

Krazy Pic 2 Not your stereotypical Dance Squad member!  This teenager (?) has got the mojo!!  I challenge you to watch it without grinning!

Cartoon for the Week Many of you know of my love of FoxTrot cartoons!  In honor of school starting again, here’s a FoxTrot strategy game, with a nice touch of subtlety built in!  Enjoy!

SOTO Fest 17 – State of the Ozarks Showcase  This should be a GREAT time!!  Saturday, Sept 16, all day (10 – 7) in Hollister, MO!  I can’t keep track of all that’s going on!! – Learn more here*, come enjoy yourself!  Drop by my booth and say hello – I’ll be selling my books!  

While you’re visiting this page, learn more about State of the Ozarks, and Josh Heston, it’s founder!

September BDs  Some of our subscribers with September birthdays have already celebrated.  Here’s the list of birthdays we know about.  If you have a September BD and aren’t listed, please let us know.

A Case of Mistaken Identity  Are arithmetic and mathematics still viewed as the same thing by many?  The topic of the latest Springfield News-Leader column, which is appearing today (9/4).


Thoughts for the Week

Books are a uniquely portable magic.      Stephen King

I would never read a book if it were possible for me to talk half an hour with the (author) who wrote it.     Woodrow Wilson

There is no friend as loyal as a book.      Ernest Hemingway

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.    Mark Twain

Rare is the chance to find an event where you can buy a good book, visit with the author, and visit with good friends as well.  When the opportunity appears, take it!     Larry Campbell

Wild Cards – July 17, 2017

KP1 – Nice Shot!  I have watched this roughly 496 times and I still don’t believe it!!  I GUARANTEE you’ll watch it more than once!  (The next question becomes “how many times did they have to film this before it worked?!)

KP2 – Cell Phone Side Effect 🙂  I suspect she lost her cell phone and her pride.  Do we laugh or cry?

Fun Math Professor?!  Yes, apparently such things exist!  See this prof’s elaborate and incredible ‘prank’ on his students on a recent April Fools Day. 

Ain’t It The Truth?!  A collection of two dozen fun-witty-wry-cynical observations about life & people. (Stolen/edited from FB page of subscriber David Erickson.)  It’s called Blessed are the Cracked, for They Let in the Light.  (I think my own favorites are #1 and #17.)

From The Vault: 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said  We used to do this fairly regularly, but it’s been over a year!  With no Brain Teasers this summer and no birthdays, let’s pull these out of the archives!  ENJOY some or all!

The Tale of the Middle School Assignment  I used to love doing this activity, since I could act like a middle-schooler (which I’m apparently good at.)  Last week’s column in the Springfield News Leader.


Thought for the Week

God created us in His image and likeness, and we returned the compliment.


Wild Card – July 3, 2017

The theme for today’s Krazy Pic/GIFs is ‘taking a refreshing summer dip”  🙂 

Krazy Pic 1 For the category of Creativity and Fun in Planning, I award a 10/10.  For the category of Successful Execution of Plan, not so much.  🙂   (Unfortunately, this is scary-reminiscent of something our son would have tried!)

Krazy Pic 2  OK, I feel guilty, but I laughed so hard at this!  It was just so unexpected!   

Eternal Library  The dream of every book lover? Cleverly done!

Solutions to May/June BTs  LOTS of submitters & solvers this time.  Great fun!  Check the Summary for solutions and details.

July BDs Here’s our list of known July birthdays of subscribers.

Flying, Learning, and Teaching  Nothing like taking flying lessons for giving a fresh perspective on both learning and teaching!  These thoughts appeared in last week’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.  


Thought for the Week

Blessed is he who has found his work.  Let him ask no other blessedness.

Thomas Carlyle