Wild Cards! Dec 11, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  If you’re going to exercise, might as well do it with an attitude!!  🙂 

Krazy Pic 2  Is this gymnast trying to emulate Superman?  He may have unduly influenced the judges’ table!!  (It’s hard to know who’s more surprised here!!)

Murphy’s Lesser Known Laws  I found these (and other goodies) in Wolf Point, MT this  summer, and I’m finally getting around to sharing some of them.  Here are some of Murphy’s Lesser Known Laws :-).  I’d heard a variation of all of them, but I particularly like the 2nd one – so true!

Calvin’s Letters to Santa!  These were first shared a couple of years ago, but they make an encore in time for Christmas.  In usual Calvin (& Hobbes) way, these probably form a primer for how not to proceed! 🙂  

Car Raffle Tickets Still Available What better Chrismas present than this red 2012 Chevy Camaro convertible?!  Get your special price today, and help a great cause, as well!!

Here We Go Again!  Once again, a publisher postpones a book release date.  Just last week, I was informed that the release of Spitballs from the Back Row will now be in mid-January!  (Shall I believe it when I see it?)  So on it goes!  If you missed them last week, here are excerpts of some early Reviews of the new book.  Needless to say, there will be more information to come, and special opportunities to get a copy, probably starting in early, ’18, but let me know if you want me to reserve a signed copy for you, – retail price will be about a third of Rollin’, and you will get the best possible deal.

The BROWN SHOES AWARD Missouri’s Governor, Eric Greitens, succeeded in bullying his wishes onto the State School Board.  In this week’s News-Leader column, inspired by an old one-liner from George Gobel, I decided to award him (and others) The Brown Shoes Award.


Quote for the Week

To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

Calvin Coolidge

Wild Cards! – Nov 27, 2017

Krazy Pic 1 I gotta be honest . . . I don’t know if this comforts me or scares me!

Krazy Pic 2  If this is meant as a deterrent, I’m not sure it’s terribly convincing!!

Old is When . . .  I suspect we’ve all heard some some of these before, but when subscriber David Gray circulated this list of checkpoints to know when you’re growing old, I was chuckling at several of them.  The last one may be the truest of all!  Old is When . . .

December Birthdays  December is fast approaching!  Here is our list of known subscriber birthdays.

What is Missouri’s Governor doing?  If you live in or near Missouri, you are perhaps familiar with the current governor’s questionable back-channels attempt to fire the Commissioner of Education and bring in an out-of-state advocate of charter schools. He is using his power to appoint State Board members, but then withdrawing the appointments, if the appointees indicate they won’t vote ‘correctly’ on that issue.  I inched out on a limb to comment in this week’s News-Leader column.    

Spitballs From the Back Row! PREVIEW  I’ve held back from saying too much about this, since I’ve already been hitting you with Rollin’ . . opportunities for Christmas!  But, I DO have a new book coming out on Dec 20! It’s a collection of over 30 of my educational columns, (see here for a synopsis), so it will be entirely different from Rollin’.  It’ll be smaller, a trade paperback, and less expensive (around $11.95 they tell me).  The early reviews are favorable (see Review excerpts here), and I’m looking forward to it.  There will be more information to come, and special opportunities to get a copy, probably starting in January, but let me know if you want me to reserve a signed copy for you, and you’ll get the best deal possible when it’s released!


Quote for the Week

We can be knowledgeable with another man’s knowledge, but we cannot be wise with another man’s wisdom.

Michel de Montaigne

Wild Cards! – Nov 13, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  An overly eager employee, perhaps?  The dangers of being too literal.

Krazy Pic 2 Have you seen the sign “Psychics’ Meeting Tonight – You know where, you know when.” ?  Here’s one along a similar vein.  OK, but I may need a ride home.

Simplify Your Christmas Shopping 🙂  We continue to remind you books make great gifts for all your hard-to-shop-for family and friends!  And with Special Editions, Christmas discounts, and some help with shipping, what better book to buy than Rollin’ Down the River?  To be reminded of all details visit ChristmasSpecials and/or SpecialChristmasEditions.

Really?!?  I had a really fun interview at St. Louis’ 2nd largest radio station on 10/31.  It was even fun when one of the co-hosts told me (and all listeners!) who she thought I sounded like!!  (When I told Pat, she said “oh, yeah, I’ve heard that before”! ).  Oh well . . . my self-image wasn’t that high to start with!  To join in the fun, visit St.LouisInterview and skip to the 18:15 mark.  

Thanksgiving Cartoon  The next Sharing doesn’t arrive until 11/27, which is after Thanksgiving.  So to help wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, here is a Thanksgiving ‘Training Tip’.

Bonus:  While looking for the cartoon above, I ran across this one, which I liked.  Perhaps every good deed has an ulterior motive?

Education and our Founding Fathers  What did our founding fathers believe about public education?  Do we still believe these things?  Do we still act on them?  These thoughts appeared in the latest Springfield News-Leader column.  To read them, visit Educ&FoundingFathers.


Quote for the Week

Everyone is ignorant, only in different subjects.
Will Rogers

Wild Cards! – Oct 30, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  You may not want to venture outside on Wednesday!  

Krazy Pic 2 The best laid plans . . .!  Perhaps these Starbucks designers need more of their own coffee!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not  Remember this classic cartoon strip?  Apparently it still runs, with current ‘unbelievable’ stuff.  Here’s a recent offering.

November Birthdays  A list of the (known) subscriber November birthdays.  One of the items on our Christmas list is a more extensive list of our birthdays . . . can you help?  🙂 

Here’s To The Teachers!  We desire and demand excellent teachers, and yet our collective actions over time undermine our ability to attract them.  Can we reverse this trend?  Today’s News-Leader column.

Schedule Update  Only three more Sharings before Christmas.  These will occur on Nov 13 & 27 and Dec 11.  Be alert for updates as we head into 2018.  (No link with this announcement.  If you need one check this surprise.)

Weird Happening of the Week

I was ending a short detour into Conway, MO, reflecting on a town that was so small that its library didn’t open until 1 PM.  I failed to notice the city policeman sitting right on the line where the speed limit changed from snail’s pace to slow.  Naturally the red lights came on and I was soon visiting with a remarkably nice young man, who I instantly liked, regardless of his power over my financial future.  When he returned, he told me he was going to let me off with a warning (thanks!), BUT that there was a warrant for my arrest in Ste. Genevieve, MO (WHAT?!).  Even the policeman seemed surprised.  (“You didn’t look like the type that would ignore a summons”.  I think that’s a compliment?)

Long story (involving several phone calls) short:  It turned out to be a Larry D. Campbell, not Larry N. Campbell (me), but it was an interesting half-hour.  I’ve never (knowingly) been a fugitive from justice before!

Wild Cards! – Oct 2, 2017

Apparently, the Krazy Pic Theme today is water-slides:

Krazy Pic 1  Dog wants to join fun.  Dog wishes he hadn’t.  Dog sets distance record.

Krazy Pic 2  Things started bad for this guy, and went south from there.   No water-slides were hurt in the filming of this incident. [There is NO truth to the rumor this is me, though I can see why one might think that]. 

Blast from the Past #1  Remember Aunt Edna?!?  Here’s the nugget of wisdom she had for us in June ’15

Blast from the Past #2  Remember It Could Be Verse?!?  Here’s one of my favorites, posted in April ’16.

Stop the Presses!  Just sent to me this weekend, and it’s hilarious, so I’m throwing it it:  God’s Plan for Aging.    (Thanks to brother-in-law Carl Garrett.)

October Birthdays  Here is our list of known subscriber birthdays for October.  Please let us know if you should be on this list.  

Back to the Future  How do we prepare our students to learn the skills they need for their future professions, and still allow them to make the necessary mistakes that allow them to learn those skills in the process?  Some follow up thoughts to the last blog.  Today’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.