Wild Cards! – April 17, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  Perhaps two different signs would have been better? See KP1.17Apr17

Krazy Pic 2  Maybe Harry Potter is near?!?  Thanks for the warning. See KP2.17Apr17

COLE’S Law?!  I’m told this is an OLD one, but before my daughter Christi shared it with me, I’d not heard it.  I love it!! See C’sLaw.

Science Cartoon I ran into this recently and loved it.  There’s also a link to a cool YouTube clip, whether you remember the science or not! See PlaygroundDuty.

Final Brain Teasers for Mar/Apr  A baker’s dozen!!  I’ve added 3 new BTs (including another ‘rerun’) to make 13 this time.  Also another BONUS.  All these can earn entries into Book Drawing, don’t forget!  See Mar/AprBTs.  Submissions due by Apr 28.

13 People with 48 Entries  More folks are taking advantage of ways to earn entries into the Drawing for a FREE BOOK on May 31. But there’s plenty of time to improve YOUR own odds!  For details – current entries and reminders of the ways you can earn entries – see FreeBookDrawing.

Re-visiting our Menu Choices Problem  Last time we were caught up in deciding whether or not to agree with a restaurant’s claim about menu choices.  The follow-up (with reader responses) is the topic of today’s Springfield News-Leader column.  To see the responses and/or read more, visit Counting2


Thought for the Week

It isn’t that they can’t see the solution.  It is that they can’t see the problem.

G.K. Chesterton

Wild Cards! – April 3, 2017

Krazy Pic 1 At last!!  A believable excuse for me that I can live with!!  See KP1.3Apr

Krazy Pic 2 The Japanese (right language?) are always SO polite.  This has got to be the most delicate and polite request I’ve ever seen! See KP2.3Apr

April Fools!  I laughed SO HARD!!  Such fun – and very clever (the ‘silent letters’ on the 3rd word really got me!)   April Fools’ Prank by a 4th grade teacher – he does this so well!!  See Teacher.AF.Prank.  Thanks to Anita Dixon for the alert.

12 People With 34 Entries That’s the up-to-the-minute (as of 4/2/17) status of entries into the Drawing for a FREE BOOK on May 31.  For details – and a reminder of the ways you can earn entries – see FreeBookDrawing.

Brain Teasers!  Snagged a couple of BTs from back in ’15 and brought them back.  New Bonus also.  See MarAprBTs.

April Birthdays  The April birthdays start TODAY.  See the list at AprBDs. (Remember that one of the ways you can EASILY earn an entry in the Book Drawing is to send in your BD and address!)

When Counting is More than Counting Lots of real-world questions begin with “how many . .?” and you can’t always count to answer them.  This week’s column relates an experience I had in a restaurant, and connects it to the (math) classroom. If you’re interested, see Counting.

Thought for the Week

Sometimes I think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde

Wild Cards – Mar 20, 2017

WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS!  As a result of two presentations last week, today’s mailing features almost 3 dozen new subscribers! (Our biggest jump in a long time).  A third of these are members of the Liberty, MO Rotary Club and the rest are secondary math teachers from Northern Missouri and Iowa (who brought students to NWMSU’s Math Olympiad).  Please give them all a standing ovation!  🙂  

Krazy Pic 1  Not exactly a ringing endorsement . . . and yet, ya gotta love the understated humor!   See KP1. Mar20

Krazy Pic 2  And then there’s this interesting combination of businesses!  See KP2.Mar20

Rollin’ Down The River Has A Cover!!   Just this past week, I’ve seen my own first glimpse of some of the promotion work that Acclaim Press is starting for “The Book”!  You’re among the first to see it!!  Visit  Promo2

The Bridge at Q’eswachaka Here’s a fascinating mix of history, culture, and old-world engineering.  This hanging bridge in Peru is remade from scratch every three years.  See it done here: Bridge. This is neat!  (Thanks to subscriber David Gray!)

Brain Teasers for Mar/Apr  Three more BTs and one more BONUS have been added to the Mar/Apr collection, making a total of 8 ‘regular’ BTs (there will be 12 total). Don’t forget that prizes are available this time.  See Mar/AprBTs.
Fighting Cancer and Thinking Critically Pat and I recently attended an event with some powerful food for thought educationally.  A summary of these thoughts forms this week’s Springfield News-Leader column, appearing today. See Cancer.

Thought for the Week

Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Wild Cards! – Feb 20, 2017

Krazy Pics  Today’s Krazy Pics are both GIFs.  Both involve mishaps, but everyone is OK, so go ahead and laugh. The first one is just the kind of luck many of us sometimes had as a kid:  KP1  And I actually had an experience similar to this one in a diving competition once (though not quite as extreme):  KP2     

KP1 Revisited Now go back and look closely at KP1 again . . . was that intentional?!?  KP1A

Foto Follow Up 2  In case you missed it above:  Today’s Photo of the Week was one of 3 taken recently that I kinda liked. (Not all-time favorites, ya know, but . . .).  I picked the one above because of the blue/pink contrast on the water, but I like the sky colors better in the other two.  If you have a favorite of the three, I’d like to know.  See Photo2.  (I do have an ulterior motive.  I’m working on pics for the Book right now, and I’d like to test my preferences versus others’.)

Last Call – Current BTs  The current (Jan/Feb) collection of BTs is now complete with the addition of two more – somewhat different – and easier?  You may submit solutions (and be eligible for drawings) until the end of the month – perhaps later if I haven’t posted solutions.  Don’t forget that current submissions and solutions win entries into one or two prize drawings! Winners announced next time.  See JanFebBTs.

March Birthdays We don’t have many known March BDs, but one of them is March 1, so we’ll them post now:  MarBDs

Teaching Life? A Top Ten List  In the uproar and hoopla surrounding the Department of Education’s spelling and grammar gaffes while posting a quote last week, we might have overlooked W.E.B. Du Bois’ quote itself.  What would it mean to ‘teach life’?  My own (idealistic?) thoughts – with a Top Ten List – formed this week’s NewsLeader column (appearing today), and may be seen here: Top10TeachLife


Thought for the Week

Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.

George Washington

Wild Cards! – Feb 6, 2017

REMINDER: Last week was a 5th Monday edition of the Weekly Photo/Sharing.  This week we return to our current 1st/3rd Monday schedule.

Krazy Pic 1  Advice worth heeding, clearly!  See KP1

Krazy Pic 2  – A very clever pun. And I defy you not to break into a 1983 song by the Eurythmics. 🙂  See KP2

Krazy Pic Update Remember last week’s Krazy Pic about the Hidden Bodies?  (See KP.Bodies ).  We were curious about the Route 366 sign in the distance.  Subscriber Janet Garrett has located the following. (Link titles condensed.)  It turns out  the highway is only 9+ miles long!!  Good detective work, Jan – THANKS!!

Larry –
According to US.RoadSigns  it appears that the sign in your Krazy Pic this week matches a state highway sign shape used in New York, heading northeast out of Ithica.
Also see Route366. 

Brain Teasers & Prizes Still plenty of chances to win entries for a copy of the Rollin’ On The River book and/or a 2017 calendar.  Two new BTs and one Bonus added to the list.  (Submissions close end of Feb – winners announced 3/6.)  See JanFebBTs.

Winter on the Missouri River In early February of 1805 – 212 years ago – Lewis and Clark, along with the Corps of Discovery were just over halfway through their first grueling winter on the Missouri.  They were at Fort Mandan, about 50 miles north of present-day Bismarck, ND.  To see an authentic reproduction of their fort, and get a glimpse of their conditions, see LewisClark1805.

Tenure . . . or Gumballs?  Which would you prefer to read about? 🙂  This column (appearing in today’s News-Leader) finished the discussion about tenure . . . after discussing the types of columns some readers prefer.  See Tenure2.


Thought for the Week

When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.

   Thomas Jefferson