Krazy Pic/GIF 1  I LOVE this!!  Kids are so literal – and the father’s reaction is priceless!!  Guaranteed to warm your heart on a Monday morning!!  LearningTheGame

Krazy Pic 2 Speaking of a reaction!! It’s hard to imagine what this little tyke saw (suggestions encouraged!), but it certainly changed his countenance – and his direction – in a hurry!!  

Amazing, Unbelievable, Beautiful  And the slow-motion makes it surreal.  A high schooler sets a pole vault record of 19′ 10″ (That’s nearly a two-story building!), but this is as much a beautiful dance as a sports event!   I’ve watched this at least 3 times, and I still don’t believe it!  Halfway through, you just cannot believe he’ll clear that bar.

BT Solutions & Submitters Another fun group of BTs and solutions for Mar/Apr.  Here’s a BT.Summary. (New BTs coming next time.)

Paying for Public Education It’s hard to say we support public education if we’re not willing to pay for it.  A recent school bond defeat spawned thoughts along these lines, and appears in the NewsLeader column this morning. PayingForEducation

May Birthdays  A quick list of known MayBDs for subscribers.  Wish we knew more . . . hint, hint.

May 31 Book Drawing Entries  We’re up to 14 subscribers and a total of 61 entries, with three folks in double-digit entries. Still plenty of time to get on board. New way to enter added this time! See summary and logistics:  May31Drawing.

Thought for the Week

A man with outward courage dares to die.  A man with inward courage dares to live.