BOOK DRAWING WINNER  Congratulations to ANITA DIXON who was drawn as the winner of a new copy of the book when it is released!  She (and her husband Al) had already purchased a special, limited edition, but she has plans for the 2nd copy already!

BOOK TO PRESS!! The book is (finally) on its way to press!!  Given the usual schedule, this puts its release in early July (rather than late June), but the end is in sight!!  I’ve seen/approved the final proofs (including cover/dustjacket – see below), and I’m pleased.  I’d be delighted if you’re tempted to buy it!  🙂 

BOOK DUST JACKET  I’ve now seen the entire book cover dust jacket (front, back, and flaps). Take a PREVIEW look here (it’ll take a couple of seconds to load):   DustJacket.Final

RESERVE NOW – 10% OFF RETAIL Now that the end is in sight, I’m willing to start taking ‘normal’ retail reservations. (No special editions, no perks, etc).  And, we will offer a 10% AME discount, ($31.45 w/discount) for a SIGNED edition.  Books should be delivered/shipped by mid-July or so.  If you’re interested, or have questions, reply to this e-mail or use this CONTACT FORM.