Celebrating Pi – Part 1

Three weeks from today (if you’re reading this on Monday 2/22), we will celebrate Pi Day!  This celebration will surface a couple of times next month, so let’s begin the celebration a little early.  We will do this in two ways.   Our ‘main feature’, if you will, will give a little perspective on what ‘pi’ really is.  Then, as a bonus, we’ll throw in a Pi Trivia Quiz.  Yes, the quiz is a repeat from last year, but one can never have too much fun, eh?  If you saw it last year, can you remember the answers?  🙂

SO, What is ‘pi’ – really?  Everyone talks about PI and almost everyone knows it as a ‘number’ that’s close to 3.14. And that’s correct, as far as it goes.  But there’s more.  But where did it come from?  What is it really?  See WhatIsPi?

Bonus:  A rerun of a  Pi Trivia Quiz!  We’ll repeat the ‘quiz’ itself this month and follow with  the answers next month.  Fun stuff! See PiTrivaQuiz.