Wild Cards! – Nov 27, 2017

Krazy Pic 1 I gotta be honest . . . I don’t know if this comforts me or scares me!

Krazy Pic 2  If this is meant as a deterrent, I’m not sure it’s terribly convincing!!

Old is When . . .  I suspect we’ve all heard some some of these before, but when subscriber David Gray circulated this list of checkpoints to know when you’re growing old, I was chuckling at several of them.  The last one may be the truest of all!  Old is When . . .

December Birthdays  December is fast approaching!  Here is our list of known subscriber birthdays.

What is Missouri’s Governor doing?  If you live in or near Missouri, you are perhaps familiar with the current governor’s questionable back-channels attempt to fire the Commissioner of Education and bring in an out-of-state advocate of charter schools. He is using his power to appoint State Board members, but then withdrawing the appointments, if the appointees indicate they won’t vote ‘correctly’ on that issue.  I inched out on a limb to comment in this week’s News-Leader column.    

Spitballs From the Back Row! PREVIEW  I’ve held back from saying too much about this, since I’ve already been hitting you with Rollin’ . . opportunities for Christmas!  But, I DO have a new book coming out on Dec 20! It’s a collection of over 30 of my educational columns, (see here for a synopsis), so it will be entirely different from Rollin’.  It’ll be smaller, a trade paperback, and less expensive (around $11.95 they tell me).  The early reviews are favorable (see Review excerpts here), and I’m looking forward to it.  There will be more information to come, and special opportunities to get a copy, probably starting in January, but let me know if you want me to reserve a signed copy for you, and you’ll get the best deal possible when it’s released!


Quote for the Week

We can be knowledgeable with another man’s knowledge, but we cannot be wise with another man’s wisdom.

Michel de Montaigne

Photo of the Week – Nov 13, 2017

Late Autumn Afternoon on Lake Taneycomo

I don’t know if you get tired of all the Missouri River scenes or not, but if so, here’s a break!  Nothing terribly spectacular here, but rarely do we see the Lake this still, and, for some reason, I was just drawn to the reflections, the tiny splashes of autumn (or Christmas?!) colors and their juxtaposition to the cabin.  Taken on 11/9/17.

From the Ozarks Scenes & Seasons collection


It’s time for the 3rd Annual Rock & Rev Party and Car Raffle!! (A little earlier this year than last.) YOU could win the 2012 Camaro Convertible above and help a good cause!!  Many of you enjoyed entering & helping last year (thanks again!), and I hope many of you will help this year!  The car will be given away Jan 26, 2018 – and it might as well be YOU that wins it!

Again this year, AfterMath Enterprises will make its donation by helping you!!  Tickets through Rotary are $20 each or 6/$100 – and are even more at the door. Tickets through AfterMath are $15 each or  6/$75, and AME will contribute the extra $5 for each of your tickets (or $25 for 6).  It’s a win/win/win !

To learn more details about the car, the event sponsors, the event itself, and/or to enter now, click on Rock&RevDetails.  (Or just reply to this e-mail and let me know you want to enter. I’ll pick it up from there.)   

Wild Cards! – Nov 13, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  An overly eager employee, perhaps?  The dangers of being too literal.

Krazy Pic 2 Have you seen the sign “Psychics’ Meeting Tonight – You know where, you know when.” ?  Here’s one along a similar vein.  OK, but I may need a ride home.

Simplify Your Christmas Shopping 🙂  We continue to remind you books make great gifts for all your hard-to-shop-for family and friends!  And with Special Editions, Christmas discounts, and some help with shipping, what better book to buy than Rollin’ Down the River?  To be reminded of all details visit ChristmasSpecials and/or SpecialChristmasEditions.

Really?!?  I had a really fun interview at St. Louis’ 2nd largest radio station on 10/31.  It was even fun when one of the co-hosts told me (and all listeners!) who she thought I sounded like!!  (When I told Pat, she said “oh, yeah, I’ve heard that before”! ).  Oh well . . . my self-image wasn’t that high to start with!  To join in the fun, visit St.LouisInterview and skip to the 18:15 mark.  

Thanksgiving Cartoon  The next Sharing doesn’t arrive until 11/27, which is after Thanksgiving.  So to help wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, here is a Thanksgiving ‘Training Tip’.

Bonus:  While looking for the cartoon above, I ran across this one, which I liked.  Perhaps every good deed has an ulterior motive?

Education and our Founding Fathers  What did our founding fathers believe about public education?  Do we still believe these things?  Do we still act on them?  These thoughts appeared in the latest Springfield News-Leader column.  To read them, visit Educ&FoundingFathers.


Quote for the Week

Everyone is ignorant, only in different subjects.
Will Rogers

Photo of the Week – Oct 30, 2017

South Dakota State Capitol – Pierre

A small touch of the fall colors can be seen in this shot, taken on Oct 16, 2017. An intriguing aspect of this shot to me:  It appears as if the Capitol is in the middle of nowhere!  While Pierre itself is not large (second-smallest state capital, set in the SD plains), the Capitol itself is in a ‘hustle & bustle’ part of the city (as can be seen/deduced from the other shots).  For a wide variety of other views and perspectives of the Capitol, visit  SDCapitol2

From the Rollin’ Down the River Collection