Announcements & News – June 5, 2017

BOOK DRAWING WINNER  Congratulations to ANITA DIXON who was drawn as the winner of a new copy of the book when it is released!  She (and her husband Al) had already purchased a special, limited edition, but she has plans for the 2nd copy already!

BOOK TO PRESS!! The book is (finally) on its way to press!!  Given the usual schedule, this puts its release in early July (rather than late June), but the end is in sight!!  I’ve seen/approved the final proofs (including cover/dustjacket – see below), and I’m pleased.  I’d be delighted if you’re tempted to buy it!  🙂 

BOOK DUST JACKET  I’ve now seen the entire book cover dust jacket (front, back, and flaps). Take a PREVIEW look here (it’ll take a couple of seconds to load):   DustJacket.Final

RESERVE NOW – 10% OFF RETAIL Now that the end is in sight, I’m willing to start taking ‘normal’ retail reservations. (No special editions, no perks, etc).  And, we will offer a 10% AME discount, ($31.45 w/discount) for a SIGNED edition.  Books should be delivered/shipped by mid-July or so.  If you’re interested, or have questions, reply to this e-mail or use this CONTACT FORM.

Wild Cards! – June 5, 2017

Krazy Pic 1  This store seems to offer a most unique service (!) (I bet no one can match it!), but I’m just not sure when you would be able to take advantage!

Krazy Pic 2  This is admittedly GREAT ADVICE, I guess, but it’s the PUN that does it for me!  🙂 

Not for Math Nerds Only!  A retiree discovers an elusive math proof – and nobody notices.  Interesting story – skip over the math, if you want! 🙂

Missouri Life If you don’t already subscribe to this magazine, visit your nearest vendor and pick up the latest (June ’17) copy.  Then check p. 19 for a Review of Rollin’  Down the River !  You may have seen this before, but here’s the almost-final draft: Mo.Life.Review.Final (magazine copy has some minor changes).

Brain Teasers Lots of BT participation this time, so far.  Two more BTs have been added.

June Birthdays We know of more subscriber birthdays in June than any other month except October, and they (the June ones!) have already started!!  Check out the list here and let us know of YOUR birthday, if we don’t have it already!

Funerals, Fiddlin’, and the Future Earlier this Spring, I attended a funeral for a former colleague at College of the Ozarks. I left with a variety of thoughts about the importance of teaching, music and the arts.  This ties to an impressive ‘fiddling’ project going on here in the Ozarks!  All these thoughts turned into last week’s column in the SGF NewsLeader.

Thought for the Week

Complete possession is proved only by giving.  All you are unable to give possesses you.

Andre Gide

Photo of the Week – May 29, 2017



I’ve used this picture before, and somewhat recently.  But what better way to combine BOTH another River memory with a Memorial Day message of remembrance and best wishes?

Taken in Atchison, KS, at the Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River on August 30, 2016.  (Rollin On The River Collection)

Here is a 2-minute video of a 2013 light show on this bridge, posted by the KS Dept of Transportation.

Fifth Monday & Holiday! 5/29/17

Welcome to this slightly-shortened 5th Monday & Holiday version of the Photo Sharing.  We’ll be back on our ‘normal’ Bi-Weekly schedule next week (June 5), so we’re taking a mini-Holiday ourselves.  Hope you’re having a FUN and SAFE holiday – and have taking a moment to think of our country’s veterans! 

Wild Cards! – May 29, 2017

Krazy Pics: Marching Bands! I ran into both of these this past week, and they both have to do with marching bands! Both of these must have taken months of practice – boggles the mind!  In the first of these, see a perfect alley-oop pass for a dunk & score! Amazing, and very clever!  In this second one, you have a nice countdown clock or timer!  

I Handn’t Heard This One! Made me instantly chuckle!  (Too close to home?!)  A police officer called the station on his radio.  “I have an interesting case here.  An old lady shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped.”  The rest of the story may sound familiar !

New Brain Teasers  Since we’re approaching a deadline of sorts (see below), we’ve added FOUR new Brain Teasers and ONE new Bonus to the May/June collection, including a couple more repeats from the archives.  Be sure to check them out.

Final Days before Book Drawing On Wednesday afternoon, May 31, we will hold our DRAWING, and someone will win a copy of Rollin’ Down the River: Exploring People and Places Along the Mighty Missouri.  You only have until NOON on May 31 to increase your entries.  Right now 14 subscribers have 69 total entries, so you can still improve your odds.  Be sure to learn more here, and be sure to enter!!

Thought for the Week

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

Joseph Campbell