Photo of the Week – July 3, 2017

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

You can see where it gets its name! (That is the Big Sioux River.) Imagine having a park like this in the middle of your city.  Taken on July 23, 2016, while headed ‘out West’ to begin my River Adventure.  For more pictures of this park, see Sioux Falls 2.

From the Maine to Alaska Collection

More News & Updates

It will be a BUSY summer and fall here at AME!!  I’m using this space for awhile to keep us updated on announcements and events, as well as any possible changes to the Summer Mailing Schedule.  Stay tuned.

Things to Know and Watch For:  

(Items with RED numbering have UPDATED or NEW information!) 

1. BOOK LAUNCH FESTIVITIES  Don’t miss this two-part Book-Release Party here in Branson and Springfield.  It has been scheduled for Friday evening Sep 8 (Branson) and Saturday evening Sep 9 (Springfield).  Attend either or both event(s).   This Gala Event will be co-hosted with Todd Parnell, Springfield author (and former President of Drury College), and there will be other invited authors (and an artist) as well.  It will help benefit Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks.  See (MUCH) more information at The Great Book Release Bash.

2.  NEW Author Website!  I have been working to develop a more-narrowly-focused “author website” for those interested in my book(s).  Check it out at  Please note that while the site is up and fully functional, I will probably still be making some changes here and there, as I get used to it.  I would welcome (indeed solicit ANY opinions and/or suggestions you may have!)

3. BOOK RELEASE REMINDERS  A) The book is due to be released within 10 days!!  If you’ve ordered one, you should get it by roughly mid-July.  B)  If you want to reserve a (signed) copy, you may do so for 10% off – that’s $31.45, plus shipping. (Reply to this e-mail or use the contact form below.)  C)  If you missed seeing the entire dust jacket for the book (front, back, and end flaps), you may see it here.  D)  If you missed seeing the Book Review in the current issue of Missouri Life magazine, click the link:  Mo.Life.Review.Final

4.  RETURN TO THE RIVER ’17  I’ll be back ‘on the River’ for 3-4 weeks in late July and early August – and maybe again for 10 days in October.  I’ll be re-visiting places, sharing memories with Pat (who will join me for a week in Montana!), and definitely participating in presentations and signings for the book! (See an early version of Part I of Book Event schedule.) It’s unclear how or if that will affect the mailing schedule, but of course I’ll keep you posted. 

If you have any questions, reply to this e-mail or use this CONTACT FORM.

Wild Card – July 3, 2017

The theme for today’s Krazy Pic/GIFs is ‘taking a refreshing summer dip”  🙂 

Krazy Pic 1 For the category of Creativity and Fun in Planning, I award a 10/10.  For the category of Successful Execution of Plan, not so much.  🙂   (Unfortunately, this is scary-reminiscent of something our son would have tried!)

Krazy Pic 2  OK, I feel guilty, but I laughed so hard at this!  It was just so unexpected!   

Eternal Library  The dream of every book lover? Cleverly done!

Solutions to May/June BTs  LOTS of submitters & solvers this time.  Great fun!  Check the Summary for solutions and details.

July BDs Here’s our list of known July birthdays of subscribers.

Flying, Learning, and Teaching  Nothing like taking flying lessons for giving a fresh perspective on both learning and teaching!  These thoughts appeared in last week’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.  


Thought for the Week

Blessed is he who has found his work.  Let him ask no other blessedness.

Thomas Carlyle


Yes, I know this is an ‘off week’ for the Photo/Sharing Mailing, but I have one Correction, and one Announcement I didn’t want to wait a week for! [Make sure to see it.] And, as long as I’m here, I’ll throw in a Bonus Krazy Pic for you.

CORRECTION:  Depending on when you read your mailing last week (before or after I got it corrected), you may have seen a statement that you can reserve and advance copy of Rollin’ Down the River for $34.95.  That is the retail price, but it is not YOUR price (as a subscriber). If you wish to reserve a (signed) copy, you may do so for 10% off – that’s $31.45, plus. shipping. To do so, let me know by replying to this e-mail or using this Contact Form.   

GREAT FUN! FOLLOW UP ANNOUNCEMENT:  I hope you saw the early mention of The Great Book Launch Bash last week.  Here are more early details, and even more will follow.  I’m excited about this – it will be FUN!!  CHECK IT OUT, and mark you calendar now for Sep 8 and/or 9.

BONUS KRAZY PIC:  I know I was surprised while watching – I suspect they were too!!  (Do you think this was set up?)

Have a Good Week!!  

Thought for the week (a favorite repeat), sometimes attributed to Groucho Marx:

Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

Photo of the Week – June 19, 2017


Mount Rushmore?

On my way out west to begin my River Adventure last summer, I caught several sights I hadn’t seen before. (My first time in South Dakota!) On my visit to Mt. Rushmore, I discovered a rarely seen perspective – showing only Washington’s head – on an outer road outside the National Park.  Taken on July 25, 2017.  For the traditional view of Mt. Rushmore, click here.

From the Maine to Alaska Collection