River Rollin’ Rerun 2017 – Occasional Blogs From the River


Back in ‘Big Sky’ Country!

Every bit as beautiful and wide open as I had remembered – maybe more so.  Taken from the top of an exit ramp on I94 in North Dakota on 8/3/17.  Click for a closer-in view of this shot  and/or a view of the other side of the interstate.

Against The Current?

Yes, I’m physically heading upstream for most of this trip, but the analogy holds metaphorically as well.  🙂   Last year, I felt much more able to ‘go with the flow’ as I explored – a great experience in general, as well as for me personally.  This year it seems a hair more ‘hectic’ – as would be expected, of course – and I still feel like I’m occasionally ‘fighting the current’ as I work to keep everything coordinated.  (I may also be a year closer to senility than I was last year!)

I know, I know – I need to quit doing any comparison to last year!  Same locations, but totally different trip!!  And, for the most part, I’m remembering that, succeeding, and having fun. 🙂   The updates will continue, albeit haphazardly, perhaps.

Thursday night in Wolf Point, Montana, was a GREAT evening!  Attended a Chamber ‘After Hours’ event that had been well-promoted as a signing opportunity.  Sold 23 books, including 7 to a store owner, who plans to stock them. Best event so far!

Speaking of haphazardly, FYI:  As I write this, I’m within 12 hours of picking up Pat (at the Glasgow, MT airport!), who joins me for the rest of the Montana portion of the trip! [We’ll be in Fort Benton & Great Falls by the time most of you read this.] We’ve both been looking forward to this.  So, between events, traveling, and as much sightseeing and re-showing as possible, the Blog Mailing may be a causality next week, at least for a Monday arrival.

Wild Cards

Krazy Pic I’m GLAD I wasn’t helping with this, but I would have liked to have been there to see it!

Media – SDPB  Had a fun interview this past week on NPR//South Dakota Public Radio. Good interviewer!  Hear the interview and also  see some shots of the University of South Dakota campus (in Vermillion, SD) and the Al Neuharth [founder of USA today] communications center where SDPB is housed.

Jefferson River Update  Remember my great float on the Jefferson River last year?  (Recall that the Jefferson is part of the true ‘upper Missouri River’).  Tom Elpel*, my guide that day is very active in the River’s preservation – they’ve just acquired a 30-acre parcel of land on the River will serve as a walk-in fishing access site and public floater camp.  This is a great ‘get’ and wonderful for the River, but as you can guess, they still need some donations.  Learn more about this venture (and feel free to donate) at WaterlooGrove.JeffersonRiver.

To re-visit my night in Tom’s ‘castle’ (10 x 10, no electricity, outhouse), see  p. 81 in the book, or visit Castle.

Launch Update  I have finally managed to update all the information on the confirmed Invited Authors (other than Todd Parnell and myself) for the Book Launch in September. Check these out, and stay tuned!

August Birthdays  Here is a list of known subscriber birthdays in August.  [If you have an August BD, please note I have your cards (and good intentions) with me, but your card may still be late.  🙁 ]

River Quotes & Thoughts

Quote 1:  The River in this area may not be a continental divide, but it is a cultural divide – farmers on one side, ranchers on the other.     John Duffy, Ft. Pierre, SD resident, August 2016

Quote 2:  I’ve always viewed the River in this area as a connector of people.   Lori Walsh, Vermillion, SD resident, August 2017.

Comment: A neat lesson for me in pondering these two quotes this week.  How interesting that the thing that physically divides two cultures does not divide the people of those cultures!  Indeed, it helps connect them!  Where, pray tell, is the counterpart of that connector of cultures in our society these days?