The theme for today’s Krazy Pic/GIFs is ‘taking a refreshing summer dip”  🙂 

Krazy Pic 1 For the category of Creativity and Fun in Planning, I award a 10/10.  For the category of Successful Execution of Plan, not so much.  🙂   (Unfortunately, this is scary-reminiscent of something our son would have tried!)

Krazy Pic 2  OK, I feel guilty, but I laughed so hard at this!  It was just so unexpected!   

Eternal Library  The dream of every book lover? Cleverly done!

Solutions to May/June BTs  LOTS of submitters & solvers this time.  Great fun!  Check the Summary for solutions and details.

July BDs Here’s our list of known July birthdays of subscribers.

Flying, Learning, and Teaching  Nothing like taking flying lessons for giving a fresh perspective on both learning and teaching!  These thoughts appeared in last week’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.  


Thought for the Week

Blessed is he who has found his work.  Let him ask no other blessedness.

Thomas Carlyle