Krazy Pic/GIF 1  He was definitely NOT prepared for this turn of events!

Krazy Pic/GIF 2  SO stinking cute!! You’ll be smiling all day.  Comin’ out of chute 5!  

Do Lipton Tea Employees Take Coffee Breaks?  We’ve all heard these things that make you say “Hmmmm . . .” , I’m sure, but I picked up some new ones (at least to me) last week. (I like the first one, too!)  Add your own in the Comments (or reply to this e-mail), and we’ll keep the list going!!

Sherlock and Dr. Watson I knew there was a punch-line approaching, but I was still caught off guard. 🙂  Catch this fun joke, taken from subscriber David Erickson’s FB page.

JUNE 28 !!  Next Wednesday:  Don’t forget to celebrate the BEST ‘mathematically special’ date each year!!  If you’ve forgotten why this is, check out this former posting posting and look for the enlarged green font.  (You can check out other cool tidbits while you’re there, also.)

Last Call for May/June BTs  To close out June, we’ve repeated three favorite ‘old classics’, going as far back as 3 years ago.  You’ll like them – take a look!  Solutions may be submitted for all these until the end of the month.

The More Things Change  Are writing skills being phased out by technology?  How important is the ability to communicate on paper? These thoughts – along with series of fun quotes from the past – were the focus of last week’s News-Leader column.

Thought for the Week

I don’t believe in astrology.  I’m a Sagittarius and we’ve very skeptical.

Warren Tantum