KP1 – Nice Shot!  I have watched this roughly 496 times and I still don’t believe it!!  I GUARANTEE you’ll watch it more than once!  (The next question becomes “how many times did they have to film this before it worked?!)

KP2 – Cell Phone Side Effect 🙂  I suspect she lost her cell phone and her pride.  Do we laugh or cry?

Fun Math Professor?!  Yes, apparently such things exist!  See this prof’s elaborate and incredible ‘prank’ on his students on a recent April Fools Day. 

Ain’t It The Truth?!  A collection of two dozen fun-witty-wry-cynical observations about life & people. (Stolen/edited from FB page of subscriber David Erickson.)  It’s called Blessed are the Cracked, for They Let in the Light.  (I think my own favorites are #1 and #17.)

From The Vault: 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said  We used to do this fairly regularly, but it’s been over a year!  With no Brain Teasers this summer and no birthdays, let’s pull these out of the archives!  ENJOY some or all!

The Tale of the Middle School Assignment  I used to love doing this activity, since I could act like a middle-schooler (which I’m apparently good at.)  Last week’s column in the Springfield News Leader.


Thought for the Week

God created us in His image and likeness, and we returned the compliment.