Krazy Pic 1  The good news is there IS an outdoors emergency staircase. The bad news is . . . . well . . .  Really, how does this happen? 🙂

Krazy Pic 2  Speaking of staircases.  This one gives a whole new meaning to Up the Down Staircase!

Missouri Life Magazine – Book Review!  The June issue of Missouri Life magazine is appearing almost as we speak – in the next week or so.  In it, you’ll be able to find a book review of a particular book about a Missouri River adventure.  🙂  For an early sneak peek, see Mo.Life.Review.Final

Hilarious, Fascinating, and Touching  Fred Newman can do anything – or anyone! – with his voice.  Such fun to watch. But he has a fun philosophy, too!

May/June Brain Teasers  A new set of BTs – open until the end of June.  BUT – to win entries to the Book Drawing, you only have until end of May.  To help things along, we’ve started this set with six new BTs!  Two or three of them are repeats, and at least one is so easy that SEVERAL subscribers got it last time.

Skills in Math & Skills in Life?  Plato was convinced that learning mathematics was essential training for the mind.  I can’t quite endorse that view, but there are skills learned in math that carry over into life.  Today’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.

Thought for the Week

A ship is always safe at shore.  But that’s not what it’s built for.

Albert Einstein