Rollin’ On The River!


Missouri River Road Trip – Summer 2016

For roughly two months beginning in late July 2016, I will become an explorer, an adventurer, a writer, and a photographer all rolled into one!  Somewhere around July 24, I will set out from Branson,  heading north and west for Three Forks, Montana, home of the official source* of the Missouri River.  After spending 3 or 4 days visiting there, I will begin a 45-day exploration trip (by car) all the way down the River to north of St. Charles, MO, where the river flows into the Mississippi.  (First stop after Three Forks: Helena, the state capital!).   I will visit several cities along the river in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri before getting to St. Charles.

The purpose of the trip is pure adventure, but I also hope that a book will surface from the experience.  (Two publishers are interested.)  The working title is Rollin’ On The River:  Sights, Sites, and Stories Along the Missouri River.  More details here will be shared as they become available.

This trip promises to be a great adventure and learning experience, and you may join me from Day 1 – or even before!!  I will be putting out regular blog-like updates and reports, with previews starting on Monday, July 18.  If you are not already a subscriber (in which case you will automatically receive these blog reports), make sure to sign up NOW (fill in the information on the right of this page), so that you don’t miss ANY of the fun!!

* It is the ‘official’ source because that is what Lewis and Clark declared.  The actual source is further west & south at Brower Spring.

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