Photo of the Week – Feb 19, 2018

Durango-Silverton Railroad – Autumn in Colorado

The Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad passes through some beautiful Colorado scenery.  A marvelous trip!!  Picture is taken in Fall ’15 on a special ‘photographer’s train’, where we were allowed to disembark several times for photo opportunities! For more scenes of this trip, the train, and the spectacular scenery, visit DSNGRR.15

From the Maine to Alaska Collection.

Blasts from the Past (and the Future?)

Back before this space began to be filled with news & updates (& distractions [?]) from the Missouri River Adventure (and, of course the resulting book!), there were other rotating regular features here.  Many of you long-time subscribers will remember Aunt Edna, It Could Be Verse, Math Tidbits, and others.

I’m not sure how I feel about these former ‘regular features’ these days.  Should I revive them, I wonder, or should I drop this section entirely, except for periodic important updates or news?  It would help to know if YOU have any opinions.  And, if you do, I’m willing to essentially give you $1.75 to find out!  🙂  See more details below in the Wild Cards. (Give An Opinion, Make $1.75)

In the meantime, in case any of you are interested, or for old times’ sake, here are some archives of most of the former regular features.  Click on each link to see former offerings.

Aunt Edna’s Wisdom Real quotes from an (anonymous) extended family member, put into the mouth of fictional Aunt Edna.

It Could Be Verse A collection of crazy rhymes from my crazy mind.

Math Is Not A Four-Letter Word  Occasional math tidbits from my lonely quest to improve math’s image.

Guest Voices Occasional selections from other (saner?) voices, from touching to wise to humorous.

Guest Photos  Other subscribers’ photos from a variety of locations.

Wild Cards! – Feb 19, 2018

Krazy Pic 1 Man Versus Haybale . . .  Haybale wins!  🙂 

Krazy Pic 2  Another two-for-one KP doubleheader!  What is it about doors that inspires some interesting logic?  

Cartoon of the Week  Many of you know that Calvin & Hobbes are my favorite educational philosophers!  Here, they ALSO include some (dubious?) advice for writers.

Give An Opinion, Make $1.75!  (See Blast From the Past above.) Do you have ANY thought asbout the former ‘regular features’ that used to appear in the Sharing e-mail??    If so, I’d love to hear them – good, bad, neutral, long/short, whatever. To provide incentive for this, I’ll raise the temporary FebruarySaleDiscount from 20% to 25% for those that provide their thoughts.  (essentially another $1.75 savings down to $26.21)  But you only have until Feb 28 to cash in.  Reply to this e-mail or use the ContactForm.  (Naturally, you can make comments without buying a book! 🙂 ).

Brain Teasers!  I forgot to add Brain Teasers last time! 🙁   So, I’ve added FOUR more BTs this time and I’ve buried two interesting facts in them (or their answers). Check out #9 for a preview of ONE of these FUN NUMBER FACTS!  Submit any/all solutions by Feb 28.  Solutions, solvers, and highlights next time!

Schools, Parents, and Book-Banning  How do parents and schools contribute to an ongoing powerful and synergistic partnership when questions of book banning or classroom content put them at odds?  This week’s column in the Springfield News-Leader.

Quote for the Week

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Photo of the Week – Feb 5, 2018

Hagia Sophia Cathedral/Mosque/Museum – Istanbul, Turkey

Recently saw a fascinating PBS program on this incredible structure, and was reminded of our visit to Istanbul in May 2012, when this was taken.  Originally constructed as a Greek Orthodox basilica under Byzantine emperor Justinian I in 537 AD.  In 1453, Constantinople (previous name) was conquered by the Ottoman Empire under Mehmed the Conqueror, who ordered this main church of Orthodox Christianity converted into a mosque, and it remained as such until 1931.  It is now a museum.  Its design and construction – featuring the massive dome – continue to be marvels of engineering, having survived several earthquakes.

For some other shots of this building, and the nearby – and equally famous – Blue Mosque, as well as some of Istanbul in general, see IstanbulOverview.  To see some shots of the interior of both buildings, see MosqueTours.

From the Across the Pond Collection

THANKS for the Responses!

Thanks to some of you, I reached my ‘next milestone’ goal this past week.  Not quite by Jan 31, as I was hoping (I missed by ONE book!), but I went over the top two days later!!  Without the help I received from SIX of you subscribers, I would still not be there. And, while it’s clear I won’t be on the NY Times Best-Seller List soon, I’m pleased with the progress after roughly six months, and a nice chunk of that is due to many of you subscribers!!  THANKS SO MUCH!!

As a combination “Thanks” and “Celebration“, I will offer a quick, lower-key,  February Offer:  Buy a book during February, and take 20% off the price.  (This is TWICE the ‘normal’ AME Discount). (If you already have a book, give one to a friend, donate to a library or school, etc.) Total would be $27.96, plus shipping – which I will help with.  Let me know if you’re interested (respond to this e-mail or use this ContactForm), and we’ll fix you up immediately.