It will be a BUSY summer and fall here at AME!!  I’m using this space for awhile to keep us updated on announcements and events, as well as any possible changes to the Summer Mailing Schedule.  Stay tuned.


1. The Books Have Arrived!  They were delivered Thursday evening at 8 PM!  (Good news is my wife Pat loves it, and if you know her, she doesn’t say that unless she means it. 🙂 ).   If you’ve already ordered a book, it should be arriving this week (as early as today!)  If you want to order a (signed) copy, you can do so at a 10% discount.  You can either go to the new website and order it directly (use the coupon code 10off), or use this ContactForm and we’ll fix you up!

2.  New Book Giveaway!  In celebration of #1 above, and to prepare for #3 below, we will run another Book Giveaway Drawing this summer.  This will be in conjunction with our Boys/Girls Club fundraising.  Details forthcoming, so watch closely.

3.  BOOK LAUNCH FESTIVITIES  Don’t miss this two-part Book-Release Party here in Branson and in Springfield.  It has been scheduled for Friday evening Sep 8 (Branson) and Saturday evening Sep 9 (Springfield).  Attend either or both event(s).   This Gala Event will be co-hosted with Todd Parnell, Springfield author (and former President of Drury College), and there will be other invited authors (and an artist) as well.  It will help benefit Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks.  See (MUCH) more information at The Great Book Release Bash

4.  RETURN TO THE RIVER ’17  I’ll be back ‘on the River’ for 3-4 weeks in late July and early August – and maybe again for 10 days in October.  I’ll be re-visiting places, sharing memories with Pat (who will join me for a week in Montana!), and definitely participating in presentations and signings for the book! (See an early version of Part I of Book Event schedule.) THIS WILL AFFECT THE WEEKLY SHARING SCHEDULE as follows:

Beginning NOW, the Mailing Schedule will be irregular through the rest of July and all of August.  The mailings may come often (weekly?) or they may be sparse (three weeks?)  And their format will be whatever works for that mailing.  It may be a ‘regular’ mailing, or it may be a report from the River (they’ll be entitled River Rollin’ Rerun 17 ). The next scheduled Mailing will be Monday, 7/31 from near Yankton, SD.  But there are no guarantees. 🙂 

If you have any questions, reply to this e-mail or use this CONTACT FORM