Todd Parnell

Inducted into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame in 2012, Todd Parnell has published three nonfiction books, The Buffalo, Ben, and Me; Mom at War; and Postcards from Branson. He recently completed his first works of fiction, the Ozarkian Folk Tales Trilogy, published by Pen-L Publishing. He is the sixth generation of his family to grow up and reside in the Ozarks and has devoted much of his life to exploring and preserving Ozarks waters. Parnell served as President of Drury University for six years after retirement as founding CEO of THE Bank in Springfield, Missouri. He is cofounder of the Upper White River Basin Foundation and the recently retired chairman of the Missouri Clean Water Commission. He earned a masters degree in history from Missouri State University in 2010, with a concentration in Ozarks Studies, as well as an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University and a BA from Drury University.

In his own words, “I’ve had great fun writing about the Ozarks and tackling important contemporary issues in that rich and captivating context. He is hard at work on a second trilogy of Ozarkian folk tales, Children of the Creek.

Parnell and his wife of forty years, Betty (Squires), reside in Springfield and are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.

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Books by Todd 

The Ozarkian Folk Tales Trilogy

Skunk Creek

Swine Branch

Donny Brook

 * * *

The Buffalo, Ben, and Me

Mom at War

Postcards from Branson

Larry Campbell

Larry Campbell spent most of his professional career working as a professor in mathematics and mathematics education, split equally (17 years each) between the College of the Ozarks near Branson, MO and Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. 

He retired from MSU – in stages – between 2010 and 2012, and, since then he has been running AfterMath Enterprises, LLC, an umbrella organization for all the activities in which he is engaged.  Besides doing talks, programs, & workshops for civic/community groups and schools, he also puts out a (free) Photo/Sharing e-mail blog which combines his photography hobby with several other Monday morning brighteners & tidbits for the week. He currently writes a bi-weekly educational column for the Springfield News-Leader in Springfield, MO.  

Larry and his wife Pat live in Branson, MO. They have two grown children, Christi and Adam.

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Books by Larry 

Rollin’ Down the River: Discovering Places and People Along the Mighty Missouri

Spitballs from the Back Row (Dec 2017)