Math is not a Four-Letter Word! – 4/25/16

Is 0 (Zero) Even, Odd, Neither, or Both? (and more)

One of the most common ‘stumpers’ to the average student, future teacher, or ‘man on the street’ seems to be “Is 0 Even or Odd?”  I used to get the question all the time – still do, occasionally.  Let’s settle it once and for all – maybe?

I think at least some of the confusion comes from a phenomenon that I didn’t completely notice until late in my career, and still somewhat puzzles me.  Many of the future teachers with whom I dealt seemed to confuse the even/odd dichotomy with the positive/negative dichotomy.  So let’s settle that one, too!

To see the distinctions and explanations, visit Even/Odd/Neither/Both.

Math is Not a Four-Letter Word! – Mar 28, 2016

The  Beautiful and Amazing Pythagorean Theorem!

Hyperbole?  Typical language for a math nerd?  Read further and see.  🙂

The Pythagorean Theorem is actually one of the most beautiful relationships (you could almost say coincidences) in mathematics.  It’s SAD that it almost always gets taught in a ‘memorize-this-you’ll-need-it-later’ sort of way.  It should be presented with exclamation points, not sleeping pills!!

For some elaboration, and to see some amazing facts (and fascinating pictures), see PythagThm.

Math Is Not A Four-Letter Word! – 2/22/16

Celebrating Pi – Part 1

Three weeks from today (if you’re reading this on Monday 2/22), we will celebrate Pi Day!  This celebration will surface a couple of times next month, so let’s begin the celebration a little early.  We will do this in two ways.   Our ‘main feature’, if you will, will give a little perspective on what ‘pi’ really is.  Then, as a bonus, we’ll throw in a Pi Trivia Quiz.  Yes, the quiz is a repeat from last year, but one can never have too much fun, eh?  If you saw it last year, can you remember the answers?  🙂

SO, What is ‘pi’ – really?  Everyone talks about PI and almost everyone knows it as a ‘number’ that’s close to 3.14. And that’s correct, as far as it goes.  But there’s more.  But where did it come from?  What is it really?  See WhatIsPi?

Bonus:  A rerun of a  Pi Trivia Quiz!  We’ll repeat the ‘quiz’ itself this month and follow with  the answers next month.  Fun stuff! See PiTrivaQuiz.

Math Is Not a Four-Letter Word – 1/25/16

Special Mathematical Dates for 2016 !

We did this last year, with some success, it seemed, so we’ll roll it out again for 2016.

Many of you know that, in my opinion, every day of the year is mathematically special in some way or other.  (And I like to try to prove it, when challenged.)  Nonetheless, as is the case every year(!), there are a few very interesting days coming up in 2016, including a (sneaky?) Version 2 of one that allows us to re-celebrate last year’s  once-in-a-century day! To see a few, visit 2016 Special Days.

Math is Not a Four-Letter Word! – 11/23/15

Perfect, Abundant, and Deficient Numbers – Great Fun!

We have probably danced around the subject of perfect numbers once or twice – we may even have defined them.  But there are a couple of other closely related kinds of numbers that are fun, too.  For a description of these 3 kinds of numbers – and some interesting facts about each one, see Perfect&More.