Guest Voice – May 2, 2016

Talk about good timing!!  I hadn’t planned on using a Guest Voice in May, but out of the clear blue, there arrived this periodic e-mail from Terry Goodman to many of us Missouri friends.  So, I contacted Terry and secured his permission to use this.

You may remember Terry as author of two previous Guest Voices and as our resident humorist and Top 10 List specialist!  This one is entitled Top Ten Accomplishments of President Trump’s First Term.  It is as funny as it sounds, and Terry assures us he means no harm.  Given this year’s political climate, it’s likely to cause a grin, regardless of your political persuasion!  Find out for yourself!


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Guest Voice – April 4, 2016

Our Guest Voice this month features the return of Jerry Johnson, our very first Guest Voice one year ago. (Remember Eskimo Ice Cream?  :-)).    You may recall that Jerry and his wife Millie are two of my math education friends from Lake Samish, WA (near Bellingham).

You’ll love Jerry’s selection this month.  Entitled “Taking Big Steps”, it describes his transition from his small, rural Minnesota birthplace into bigger cities and the West Coast.  You’ll particularly love his “Dating Game” experiences!! Join Jerry (and learn more about him) by visiting TakingBigSteps.

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Guest Voice – Mar 7, 2016

Last week, as you remember, we shared Part 1 of A Man’s Guide to Shopping at Walmart, written by our good friend and former colleague, Dr. Terry Goodman, now from Round Rock, TX.

This week, we’ll continue with Part 2, and we’ll leave Part 1 as well, in case you missed it.  This then is the whole Shopping Guide – ENJOY!!  Visit Man’sGuide.

Guest Voice – Feb 29, 2016

As you may remember, Dr. Terry Goodman is a good friend and former colleague here in Missouri.  In 2012, after a three-decade career at University of Central Missouri, having retired, he headed back to Texas, with his wife Teresa, where they now live in Round Rock (near Austin).

While here in MO – besides an impressive list of accomplishments in math education – he became famous for his humor, his great stories and his Top Ten lists, one of which he shared with us last May (see TerryG.GV.StudentStories).  I’ve asked him to share again, and he has gone is a similar, but slightly different direction, but it is just as funny!  His selection is entitled A Man’s Guide to Shopping at Walmart, and like we did before, we’ll share his Voice in two parts over the next two weeks.

By the way, if this weren’t a leap year, Terry would be celebrating his birthday today!  Instead, he’ll celebrate tomorrow – Mar 1.  So, while you’re wishing him Happy Birthday, set a few minutes aside for laughter and visit Man’sGuide.  You’ll be glad you did.


Guest Voice – Feb 1, 2016

Perhaps you will remember Kate Elliott and/or her touching Guest Voice, from May 18 of last year.  The story in that selection occurred on her long-distance walk on the Camino in Spain.

This past Fall, she conquered the Via Francigena in Italy, ending in Rome.  Her selection today was written shortly after she arrived back home, and gives a nice perspective on some of the reasons she loves to do these pilgrimages.  It is entitled What I Miss, and I think you’ll like it as much as I did.


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